How to Spot Fake Prada Handbags: 7 Easy Things to Check

Prada bags, known for their classic aesthetics that never go out of style, are unsurprisingly one of the most popular designer bags in the market. And, while they come with hefty price tags, these purses are well worth the investment.

Prada Galleria Bag

If you have been wanting to get your hands on a Prada bag, the websites below are the most popular stores to buy Prada bags online.

1. Prada

2. Net-a-Porter

3. Neiman Marcus

4. Saks Fifth Avenue

5. Bergdorf Goodman

The Prada brand is well-loved by many fashionistas and celebrities including the Kardashians, Taylor Swift and Lily Collins. It’s a normal sight to see A-listers using Prada totes to complete their outfits.

Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are only some of Hollywood A-listers who love their Prada bagsRihanna, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are only some of Hollywood A-listers who love their Prada bags

Sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner are fans of vintage PradaSisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner are fans of vintage Prada

Emily Ratajkowski enjoys her an afternoon out with her Prada "Cahier" bagEmily Ratajkowski enjoys her an afternoon out with her Prada “Cahier” bag

Fashion icon Alexa Chung and model Miranda Kerr go for the top handle Prada totesFashion icon Alexa Chung and model Miranda Kerr go for the top handle Prada totes

Even Hollywood youngins Lily Collins and Emma Roberts love PradaEven Hollywood youngins Lily Collins and Emma Roberts love Prada

But unfortunately, this brand is so popular that it’s easy for counterfeiters to create fake Prada bags. If you’re thinking of picking up a bag from this brand from a third-party site, make sure you know you’re getting the real thing.

1. It should come with a dustbag and an authenticity card.

Most Prada bags come in a white dustbag with the Prada logo printed on the front, though there are very few exceptions. The font used in the dustbag print should be consistent with the Prada fonts used all throughout the bag. This should also come with a sealed authenticity card, which has the bag’s serial number and style information. Some fake bags can also replicate the dustbag and authenticity card but these typically have low quality prints, with uneven spacing and discoloration.

2. The kerning and spacing of the logo should be even.




Prada’s logo, which includes the inverted triangle, is one of the most distinguishable designer logos. Genuine Prada bags should have logo plaques that are clearly readable, evenly placed and secured on the leather. The color of the plaque should match the color of the bag’s leather. Some styles do not have the inverted triangle logo but instead have the words Prada Milano displayed. Check that the kerning or spacing is consistent and the font used is the same in all the other brand markings all over the bag.

3. The inside should have an interior plaque.


Aside from the exterior logo plaque, Prada bags also have an interior plaque, which may differ depending on the bag’s style. Older styles display “Prada Milano Made in Italy” done in three lines. Newer styles, however, will have only two lines that read “Prada Made in Italy.” Some non-leather styles will have the leather patch on the interior instead of the ceramic plaque.

4. Hardware and zippers must be top notch.


The hardware is critical in determining the authenticity of a Prada bag. Some counterfeited purses use cheap zippers and hardware that are prone to discoloration. Genuine bags will display high quality hardware that can be gold-plated or stainless steel. These should have brand name engravings that are properly spaced and readable. The engraved brand is placed on the hardware like buckles, zippers, metal feet, locks and buttons. Authentic Prada bags use zippers only from Lampo, Ykk, Riri, Opti and Ipi. These brands should be engraved somewhere on the back of the hardware.

5. The lining should either be embossed fabric or genuine leather.



The interior of a genuine Prada bag typically has as much detail as its exterior. The bag’s lining showcases a pattern that displays the Prada name horizontally. The color of the printed lining should match or complement the bag’s exterior color. However, not all styles have this printed lining. Some have the nappa leather lining, which exhibits a more modern finish.

6. The leather should feel luxurious.



Authentic Pradas are made from the highest quality calf leather, which should feel soft to the touch. Fake leather may look real from afar but it feels rigid and stiff to the touch. Regardless of the style — classic, ruched, printed or studded — the leather used on these purses is distinctly rich and supple. Pay close attention to the colors in printed styles. Fake Prada bags will display excessively bright and shiny hues while original ones would have smooth and even coloration. Because of the cheap materials used, counterfeit designer bags also tend to feel heavier than originals. Be mindful of the texture and weight of the bags you purchase.

7. The stitching should be neat and even.



One of the telltale signs of a counterfeit Prada bag is messy, uneven stitching. Original Prada purses showcase perfect, even stitches done with sturdy thread which should be the same color as the bag’s leather. Notice that the top stitching on most of Prada’s bag styles is slightly angled. This is hard to replicate, and most counterfeiters just use a normal straight stitch. Be on the lookout for uneven stitching that looks like its about to come off – a clear sign of poorly made counterfeit Pradas.

For more tips on spotting a fake from an original Prada bag, you can watch the video below:

Credit: Prada / Emily Ratajkowski's Instagram / WENN / TNYF / Kento Nara / Future Image

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