Rauwolf’s Outer-Space-Inspired Fall/Winter Clutches

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If you want a clutch that would make everyone talk about it and even ask you about it, you’ve got to get yourself a clutch by Rauwolf.

It’s not (yet) a household name when it comes to clutches unlike Judith Leiber and Swarovski, but we’re pretty sure that the brand will soon be patronized by many.

Kristine Johannes, founder, and designer of Rauwolf, is focused on designing clutches that are unique, unexpected, and innovative using modern, unusual materials.

Her architectural collection, which uses Plexiglass and mirrors, debuted last spring 2012. Today, Kristine continues the use of Plexiglass and mirror materials to design more out-of-this-world clutches for her Fall and Winter 2013 collection.

Her present collection for Spring 2013 shows futuristic clutches that are somewhat saturated and lightened. But for Fall/Winter 2013, the clutches come in bold shades that seem to take you to outer space.

Seriously, these clutches are ultramodern! Just take a look at the photos below to see what we mean.

Rauwolf Faceted Clutch

Rauwolf Sapphire Faceted ClutchRauwolf Sapphire Faceted Clutch, $2,480

Rauwolf “Shalimar” Clutches

Rauwolf Shalimar Clutchesa. Rauwolf Blood “Shalimar” Clutch, $2,415
b. Rauwolf Van Eyck “Shalimar” Clutch, $2,415

Rauwolf “Brutalist” Clutches

Rauwolf Brutalist Clutchesa. Rauwolf Blood “Brutalist” Clutch, $2,910
b. Rauwolf Sapphire “Brutalist” Clutch, $2,910

Rauwolf “Venice” Clutches

Rauwolf Venice Clutchesa. Rauwolf Amethyst “Venice” Clutch, $1,910
b. Rauwolf Gray “Venice” Clutch, $1,955

Rauwolf “Sputnik” Clutches

Rauwolf Sputnik Clutcha. Rauwolf Monks Robe Degrade “Sputnik” Clutch, $2,255
b. Rauwolf Gold Degrade “Sputnik” Clutch, $2,255

Rauwolf Emerald-Cut Gemstone Clutches

Rauwolf Emerald Cut Gemstone Clutchesa. Rauwolf Silver Emerald-Cut Gemstone Clutch, $1,435
b. Rauwolf Gold Emerald-Cut Gemstone Clutch, $1,435
c. Rauwolf Gothic Brown Emerald-Cut Gemstone Clutch, $1,485

Rauwolf “Constantinople” Clutches

Rauwolf Constantinople Clutchesa. Rauwolf Blood Explosion “Constantinople” Clutch, $1,895
b. Rauwolf Silver “Constantinople” Clutch, $1,845
c. Rauwolf Gold “Constantinople” Clutch, $1,845
d. Rauwolf Black Explosion “Constantinople” Clutch, $1,895

Rauwolf “Orbit” Clutches

Rauwolf Orbit Clutchesa. Rauwolf Blood Ovangkol “Orbit Clutch, $2,410
b. Rauwolf Black Ovangkol “Orbit” Clutch, $2,410
c. Rauwolf Blood Mirrored “Orbit” Clutch, $2,195
d. Rauwolf Amethyst Mirrored “Orbit” Clutch, $2,195

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