Must-Have Bag Organizers From Purse Perfector and Purseket

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Just like good underwear is behind the success of every fabulous outfit, a bag organizer should be behind every designer or everyday bag.

Ladies, we know you keep the world in your purses – and that’s ok! It’s part of what makes you a superwoman – being ready for everything that could possibly happen.

The downside to being a girl scout? A disorganized bag! Believe me, we can relate – those moments when you take forever to fish out your keys from underneath all that mess… sound familiar? It’s time to meet the bag organizer.

The feature I admire the most about the Purse Perfector is that it’s actually two organizers in one – you can unzip the partition in the middle – it’s quite useful for bags with a built-in center zip.

You can fit your essentials in 13 pockets of varying sizes including long pockets for documents, checkbooks, etc. There are also smaller pockets for your lipsticks, pens, and medications:

Purse Perfector MediumMedium Purse, $54.95

Medium Purse Perfector

Purse Perfector LargeLarge Purse, $59.95

Large Purse Perfector

Our second options are these removable organizers from Purseket. They come in a variety of sizes – from this small drop-in organizer to a size perfect for your tote bags. It comes with a secret pocket too!

The foldover design allows the Purseket to follow the contour of your bag – and give you easy access to your essentials… how fab is that?

Drop In OrganizerDrop-In Organizer, $17.50

Purse Organizer- SmallSmall Purse Organizer

Purse Organizer- MediumMedium Purse Organizer, $21.50

Purse Organizer- LargeLarge Purse Organizer

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