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The 18 Best Coach Bags and Purses to Buy in 2022

When it comes to American fashion brands, Coach will always have a special place in our hearts. It’s up there with Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren as one of the most recognizable American brands in … [Read More]

The 15 Best Designer Baguette Bags to Buy in 2022

“It’s not a bag, it’s a baguette” is one of Sarah Jessica Parker’s most iconic quotes. The actress who brought Carrie Bradshaw to life is also credited for making the baguette an ‘it’ bag in the … [Read More]

The 20 Best Luxury Designer Backpacks to Buy in 2022

No designer handbag collection is complete without a backpack. It’s one of the most versatile bags that you can add to your collection. Whether it’s a mini backpack for weekend adventures or a nylon … [Read More]

10 Best Weekender Bags to Buy in 2022 for Your Next Trip

2022 is the year of travel. After the pandemic lost us two summers of travel, we’re ready to get back to ticking off our bucket list. Before you can start booking AirBnBs or stalking Skyscanner, you … [Read More]

The 19 Best Designer Bags and Purses to Buy in 2022

Is 2022 the year that you plan to buy your first designer handbag? Are you saving your pennies for your next big purchase? A designer handbag is an investment in your closet. While trends are … [Read More]

What Are Sling Bags? How to Wear and Most Popular Styles

Sling bags. Love them or hate them, they’re a style that has a cult following. Although we’re calling them ‘sling bags,’ this style goes by other names. You might know them as a fanny bag or bum … [Read More]

The 9 Best Women’s Sling Bags and Backpacks to Buy in 2022

We’re calling it. Sling bags are the ‘it’ bag for 2022. While the style has become increasingly popular in recent years, it’s showing signs of becoming bigger than ever before. Sling bags – also … [Read More]

The 7 Best Crossbody Phone Bags to Buy in 2022

Long live the mini bag. This bag trend isn’t going away quietly. While we all wish we could be like Lizzo with her mini Le Chiquito purse, there’s one problem. Where do you put your phone in a mini … [Read More]

Coach Launches Their More Expensive Studio Bags

Coach is the comeback kid of 2021. While Coach has gone from the brand you buy at the outlet to the must-have influencer bag, their prices have hardly changed in years. Meanwhile, luxury brands … [Read More]

7 Things to Know Before Buying Your First Hermès Bag

Your vision board has a Birkin on it. Your Pinterest has a dedicated folder of outfits featuring your dream bag. You’ve even got a savings account just for your Hermès bag. If this sounds like you, … [Read More]

The 16 Most Expensive Handbag Brands and Luxurious Purses in the World

Designer handbags are expensive. Most of them will set you back more than a month of your salary. But that’s what makes them special. These bags are a status symbol and a sign that you’re prepared … [Read More]

Why Jacquemus Mini Bags and Purses Are So Expensive

Jacquemus has been one of the most popular brands in recent years. Their infamous ‘Le Chiquito’ bag is becoming as famous and recognizable as the Balenciaga ‘City’, Louis Vuitton ‘Speedy’, or the … [Read More]

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