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Chloe’s ‘Nile’ Bag is The Hottest ‘It’ Bag of 2017

Chloe seems to have mastered the formula to creating an “It” bag, season after season. The luxury brand has given us several hit purses including the “Drew” and “Faye”, and now the luxury label is back at it again with the Chloe “Nile” bag. Introduced at the runway show during Spring/Summer 2017, the “Nile” bag […]

Celebrities Debut the More Affordable REED x Kohl’s Collection

A lot of us handbag lovers were a little sad when Reed Krakoff announced it would be ceasing productions last year. For a while, we thought it was the last we would hear of this label. But, recently we were surprised to learn that the brand will be re-launching and targeting a new market of consumers. Much […]

Fancy Clutches Spotted at the 2013 Met Gala — Which Purse Looks the Hottest?

If galas had a queen bee, it would be the Met. It’s the one event where the rich, stylish, and famous get together to showcase their most fashionable red carpet looks. We’re not talkin’ Oscar-worthy ball gowns here. We mean outfits that are delightfully risky and, to some, probably never seen before. Each year, attendees work up […]

Emma Roberts Takes on Spring with a CC Skye Crossbody Bag

Here’s Emma Roberts looking pretty much like a 12-year-old kid while out and about with her boyfriend (who seems to be dressed like a 12-year-old as well) over the sunny spring weekend. Interestingly, once you step back and analyze her outfit, it actually seems to work, yes? Somehow, she looks kind of cute, yes? Emma […]

Emma Roberts Spices Up Her Outfit with a Leopard-Print Cross-Body Bag

With the right mix of accessories, even the most boring outfits can be upgraded. We’re guessing Emma Roberts had this in mind when she went out for early dinner with her boyfriend at The Grove. Don’t get us wrong; her outfit was not that bad at all. It was actually pretty hip, but we were […]

Emma Roberts Sports The Coach Legacy Penny With Printed Pants

Looks like Coach can now add another celebrity to its fan base – Emma Roberts. The young starlet was spotted sporting the cute red Coach Legacy Leather Penny Shoulder Purse while shopping in Beverly Hills early this week. What threw us off however, was the outfit she wore it with. Emma, who is usually impeccably dressed […]

Celebrities And Their Addiction To Celine Handbags!

Ever since the release of the classic Celine Luggage Tote, everyone from A-list celebrities to ordinary tastemakers seem to own at least one among the many styles available – camel, two-tone, ponyhair, black, pink and many more. The “luggage tote” is a durable piece of handbag spacious enough to fit all of your work/school essentials […]

Top 5 Strap Bags That You Must Have In Your Closet

Remember when we promised to give you 5 “strappy bags” that resemble Emma Roberts’ California chic fashion? Well, we do have a set of colorful with a mix of edgy strap bags – but they’re not as expensive as Emma’s, since here at Your Next Handbag we choose to provide you affordable alternatives that are closet-worthy […]

Emma Roberts Top 5 “Strappy Bag” Moments – We Love Her California Chic Look!

Having Julia Roberts as your aunt could be one of the requirements when you want to make it big in Hollywood these days (aside from good looks and fresh talent), but having stardom written all over your genes is another thing to be considered. Not only are you recognized everywhere you go, but crazy fans […]

Emma Roberts: Straw Totin’ In Rebecca Minkoff

Happy Friday! It’s the weekend,  what are your plans? Anyway, today we’re going to talk about young Hollywood star Emma Roberts. The Scream 4 actress was spotted looking all casual and dressed down while out and about in West Hollywood late last month, and we couldn’t help but notice the nice and lazy outfit she […]

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