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Mrs. Beckham Shops at J. Crew with “The Victoria” Tote

After a successful runway show during the New York Fashion Week, Victoria Beckham treated herself to some retail goodies at J. Crew in SoHo. The poshest of all the Spice Girls was photographed looking fab (as always) wearing pieces from her own fashion line. Dressed in her favorite all-black look, Victoria accessorized her ensemble with […]

Style Strike! Designer Bowling Bags for Spring!

We’re pretty sure designer bowling bags will score you a couple of nice strikes in the style department. Since crocodile bowling bags were debuted during the Milan fashion week, fashionistas couldn’t wait to get their hands on ’em! I myself am a big fan of structured bags, and bowling bags are right up my alley. […]

Emma Stone Carries a Deep Red Burberry Orchard Satchel Bag

Looks like Emma Stone and ‘Amazing Spiderman’ star, Andrew Garfield, are going strong. The on- and off-screen couple was spotted out and about in LA last week looking for a puppy. It was hard not to notice the two, most especially Emma, who was dressed quite fabulously as usual. The actress was all casual chic […]

Gucci’s Flag Collection Benefiting UNICEF Education Programs

We’re not exactly sure when the Italian brand released it, but we first spotted the limited edition arm candy on Rihanna. We got curious so we did our research… Apparently, Gucci has created a limited edition line for the benefit of UNICEF. Basically, 25% of the retail price for every bag sold will be donated […]

Slashed Tote For The L.A.M.B. Stripped Bowler Bag

Remember Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. Stripped Bowler Bag? We featured it here a few months back. Below is a picture of the bag (just in case you don’t remember): L.A.M.B. Stripped Bowler Bag, $550 (Sold Out) If you liked this purse but couldn’t bring yourself to spend $550 for one, here’s a bit of good news […]

Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. Stripped Bowler, Now Available!

Recently we have seen Gwen Stefani sporting quite an interesting purse several times over while out and about in California. The piece, a satchel in black and white, was covered in strips of leather all over. The bag was reportedly from her fashion line, L.A.M.B., but we couldn’t officially confirm it back then due to […]

Renee Zellweger: Cute in Black Outfit and a Luggage Brown Colored Tote

Aside from Reese Witherspoon, the other cute blond actress I’m quite a fan of is Renee Zellweger. Renee, who has been sporting a short do of late, was spotted last week looking elegant and chic in an all black outfit while out and about in L.A.. She accentuated her dark look by pairing it with […]

Your Next Gym Bag: Puma Originals Mono Grip Bag In Hot Colors!

Looking for something that will keep you looking fashionable even while you’re heading to a work out session? Then I suggest you grab these uber bright and colorful PUMA Originals Mono Grip Bags. Aren’t these just fun and fabulous? The hot color makes for a great workout wardrobe accent. Plus of course, let’s not forget […]

Vivienne Westwood Does Scottish Plaid, Can You Appreciate?

There’s one thing about Vivienne Westwood that you can count on – the iconic designer has a knack for making one-of-a-kind pieces that are most often than not, quite unexpected. For instance,  this plaid-covered top handle from her current collection. No, I am not saying it looks odd, but it is quite a surprise. I […]

Would You Buy The BALLY Mae Bowling Bag for $3,195?

Here’s the most expensive bag being sold at Amazon at the moment – the Bally Mae Bowling Bag. Retail price –  a whopping $3,195. Well, at least you can say it’s cheaper than Emma Watson’s $5000 Burberry Studded Tote. Check it out: BALLY Mae Bowling Bag, $3,195 Although, given its exotic leather material, this Bally bag […]

Balenciaga Patchwork Arena Sunday Tote

How would you like to own this Balenciaga Patchwork Arena Sunday Tote? It’s made of multicolored wrinkled lambskin squares stitched together like a quilt: Balenciaga Patchwork Arena Sunday Tote, $2,345 Claudia Schiffer was spotted toting this bag while out with Stella McCartney in London the other month: Claudia Schiffer and Stella McCartney have a chat […]

Trend Spotting: Leopard-Printed Handbags

Here’s a trend we’re seeing – celebrities wearing leopard-printed bags, from totes, to crossbody purses, to top handles, and even to luggage. We have previously seen both Kate Bosworth and Jessica Simpson toting leopard print bags. Alexa Chung and Elle MacPherson are also fans: Elle Macpherson arriving at a church to attend a prize-giving ceremony, […]

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